Truly Michigan Vines offers custom grafting

Our process

Vines can be custom grafted from the customers own scion to ensure resulting vines are delivered healthy and ready to flourish in the same environment as their parent vine.

All vines are green bench-grafted locally using either Michigan grown rootstock or a rootstock of your choosing if available.


If we are going to custom graft vines for you using scion from your vineyard we need to visit your vineyard first to see if the scion material is viable for custom grafting. We will then coordinate with you to collect the viable scion between December and January for grafting and preparation for spring planting. We do require a 50% deposit at the time of order.

Customers are encouraged to arrange for a visit to the production facility during the winter months to deliver scion if they so choose, to see how we graft their vines and, after grafting to visit their growing vines.

We can also make referrals for new and existing customers to reputable vineyard management and maintenance companies to ensure that your new vines are well nourished and tended to.

Contact us

Email us at Pat@TrulyMiVines or call (248) 535-2321 for details.

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